July Update on Partners

Think of a group you belong to.  Book Club?  Bowling Team?  Maybe a Wednesday night fellowship?   Your group might be able to help us in a very powerful way.

The Washington County Library Partners is happy to announce we have a $10,000 challenge grant. If we raise $10,000 by September 30th, a single anonymous donor will match it with another $10,000. The money will go to our first major project — “2012 in 2012.”  We intend to raise enough money to purchase 2012 books for the Washington County Library this year.   Children’s books and LARGE PRINT books are most critically needed right now.

Now, we’d love for you to write a check — BUT we’re also very interested in tapping into groups of people who have an interest in the library.  Part of our strategy is to find 16 partner groups — if each of them raises just $250 each, that’s $4,000.  We have already raised more than $2,000 towards the matching grant!  If we can bring in $4,000 from our partner groups, we’ll almost have enough for that $10,000 matching grant.  

If you’d like to help — or want to know more — check out our site.   In addition to raising funds for our 2012 campaign, we’re looking for board members or people who can help in other ways.  (Are you good at html?)

Partners is a new, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization designed to help make the Washington County Library a great library system. Our primary mission is to raise money for public libraries.  We intend to provide support not only in the short term, but also create an endowment for the next generation of libraries and library patrons.  First things first, though:  2012 in 2012!!!!

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