Monthly Archives: August 2013

Connecting Kids!

40% of all the materials checked out of the Library are children’s materials.  Think about that — 4 out of 10 materials checked out are for our children.    While the Library benefits everyone in the community — it is our kids who seem to need it (and want it) the most.

That’s part of the reason behind the Partners’ campaign for 2013 — to raise enough money to purchase tablets for every children’s section.  The hope is to buy 50 tablets total — and that is going to cost $15,000.

Why tablets?  Because that’s what our children use now and will use in the future.  It’s another way for the Library to reach out to children and keep them coming back for books (printed books and e-books), videos, homework help and all the services libraries provide.  Also, for those children on the wrong side of the digital divide, access to the tablets will help keep them connected.  And, from a practical point of view, it frees up the desktop computers teens and adults use.  (Ever notice how busy they often are?)

Librarians believe the tablets is another way to help keep the kids coming back — all the way until adulthood.