Tablets … Not Just a Toy

We are 10% of our way towards our goal of buying 50 tablets for the Library.  We’d like to wrap up our campaign by this fall — and so that means asking what you can give to help get tablets in the hands of more children at our libraries.   You might think, “well tablets are a nice toy, but …”  The tablets aren’t a toy — they are a powerful tool to open the world of our libraries to our children.  If we want our kids to be life-long library patrons, then we need to show them all the wonders and advantages that the library has to offer — and that’s what these tablets will do.  Kids are using tablets in schools — they are comfortable using them — and they will allow kids to not only find books on the shelves, they will also be loaded with educational and informational software.

In the not-too-distant future, we believe all libraries will be using tablets more and more.  We’d like to give the children in Washington County a bit of a head start.  Can you help?

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