Why Give for Tablets?

At first glance, asking folks to help the Library buy tablets for the children’s sections sounds … well, a little like asking people to kick in extra for a Lexus when a Buick seems perfectly adequate.

But the information demands on libraries are fast changing.  While we know kids will always want to curl up in the corner of the children’s section with a stack of books, the same kids need (and want) more.  Homework help.  Tools to help them read better.  A program that will help them understand math in an engaging, fun way.  The library has lots of resources for our children, but many of them are on the desktop computer.

Ever noticed how busy those computers often are at your library — and that it’s mostly adults and teenagers on them?   That’s why Washington County Library has asked for our help.  The easiest way to get library resources into a child’s hands (literally) is on a tablet.

The more kids who use our libraries grow up to be adults who use our libraries.  There’s a lot of information out there — we’d like our kids to find that information through our libraries —  and we’re hoping  you can help make that just a bit easier.

One response to “Why Give for Tablets?

  1. Good to see you

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