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Thank You and Goodbye

Washington County Library Partners officially closed down at the end of 2020 after we handed over our last contribution to the Washington County Library. We would like to thank all the people who generously supported the library and made it possible to buy approximately $25,000 in books and digital assets. Today, libraries are more important than ever and we urge you to support your library however you can.


Why Give for Tablets?

At first glance, asking folks to help the Library buy tablets for the children’s sections sounds … well, a little like asking people to kick in extra for a Lexus when a Buick seems perfectly adequate.

But the information demands on libraries are fast changing.  While we know kids will always want to curl up in the corner of the children’s section with a stack of books, the same kids need (and want) more.  Homework help.  Tools to help them read better.  A program that will help them understand math in an engaging, fun way.  The library has lots of resources for our children, but many of them are on the desktop computer.

Ever noticed how busy those computers often are at your library — and that it’s mostly adults and teenagers on them?   That’s why Washington County Library has asked for our help.  The easiest way to get library resources into a child’s hands (literally) is on a tablet.

The more kids who use our libraries grow up to be adults who use our libraries.  There’s a lot of information out there — we’d like our kids to find that information through our libraries —  and we’re hoping  you can help make that just a bit easier.

Tablets … Not Just a Toy

We are 10% of our way towards our goal of buying 50 tablets for the Library.  We’d like to wrap up our campaign by this fall — and so that means asking what you can give to help get tablets in the hands of more children at our libraries.   You might think, “well tablets are a nice toy, but …”  The tablets aren’t a toy — they are a powerful tool to open the world of our libraries to our children.  If we want our kids to be life-long library patrons, then we need to show them all the wonders and advantages that the library has to offer — and that’s what these tablets will do.  Kids are using tablets in schools — they are comfortable using them — and they will allow kids to not only find books on the shelves, they will also be loaded with educational and informational software.

In the not-too-distant future, we believe all libraries will be using tablets more and more.  We’d like to give the children in Washington County a bit of a head start.  Can you help?

Why Not Above “Above Average?”

You might have gotten the “Staying in Touch” newsletter from the county government this past week.  The big story in the newsletter was the result of a survey of Washington County residents which gave a high rating to quality of life here. 

I agree — we do have a high quality of life in Washington County.  Good schools.  Good parks.  Good roads.  Good libraries.

One of the pie charts caught my eye:  it showed that 61% of county residents surveyed thought the quality of county services was “good.” 18% thought they were “excellent” while virtually the same number (20%) thought “fair.”    It reminded me a bit of the Garrison Keillor line about “above average children.” 

My reaction was, “good” is fine, but why not excellent? 

We believe we have a good (even very good) library system.  But we think it could be excellent. 

That’s why Partners was created:  to provide a way for residents to make a good library system even better.  Tax money alone just doesn’t do it.  Every GREAT library system has a private, fundraising group helping it along.

In our first year, we raised money so the Library could buy an extra 2,000 books (mostly children’s books and some large print books for adults).  Our new campaign is raising money to get tablets into children’s sections of our libraries.  Librarians believe kids will use library services even more — check out books, do research, access programs like “Homework Help” — if there are tablets available.

Making our libraries more attractive and useful for our kids seems like a great investment.  So, we’re hoping to raise $15,000, which would buy 50 tablets for the six branches. 

And we are looking not only for money — but for people who are willing to spend a few hours a month to help make our good library system great.  So, send a check — or send us your thoughts!

Connecting Kids!

40% of all the materials checked out of the Library are children’s materials.  Think about that — 4 out of 10 materials checked out are for our children.    While the Library benefits everyone in the community — it is our kids who seem to need it (and want it) the most.

That’s part of the reason behind the Partners’ campaign for 2013 — to raise enough money to purchase tablets for every children’s section.  The hope is to buy 50 tablets total — and that is going to cost $15,000.

Why tablets?  Because that’s what our children use now and will use in the future.  It’s another way for the Library to reach out to children and keep them coming back for books (printed books and e-books), videos, homework help and all the services libraries provide.  Also, for those children on the wrong side of the digital divide, access to the tablets will help keep them connected.  And, from a practical point of view, it frees up the desktop computers teens and adults use.  (Ever notice how busy they often are?)

Librarians believe the tablets is another way to help keep the kids coming back — all the way until adulthood.